Thursday, May 26, 2005

DMV Anxiety.

I swear the DMV is the armpit of American government. Never once have I had a postive experience. Those workers have no shame. They manage to demand a different form, orginial certificate, or change of lines with out a blink of the eye.

I dread the DMV. I always wait to the very last minute. It was no different today! Let us count in one visit how many anti-customer service skills the DMV has.

1) When I asked for change of name on my registration, she responded with "Do you have the title?!?! You have to have the title! You need to...." and off she was talking giving me instructions so fast. I slumped over and said out loud, "You got to be kiddin' me!"

2) When I went to go pay for my new plates, it was noted they only take cash or checks. Alright, I know part of this is on me. I should carry cash or checks, but seriously McDonalds gives you a reward coupon for using your card at their drive-tru! It is called convenience! Welcome, the year is 2005 and most people only use their debit card.

3) When I went to change my name on my liscense the woman freaked out because I didn't have the official documents. I came with two copies of seperate identification noting the change of name! I am not sure I am suppose to have this knowledge of DMV policy.

4) My picture... no comment.

This isn't the first time DMV has annoyed me. They typed in my Social Security Number wrong the first visit and two times after that I had to fight to prove to them who I was. They give me so much anxiety. Am I the only one? I feel a rebellion for DMV reform is in call for. I am surprise more people don't riot in the streets because of the DMVs lack of common sense.